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Partsgeek - Received part & it didn't fit /could not get a

Company Partsgeek
Product / Service Step Bumper
Location Amarillo, Texas
Category Equipment
Views 332
Monetary Loss

I ordered a bumper for my 1988 Chevy truck Order #115378067. It would not fit .Tried to contact them to see what I need to do. Stayed on hold literally for hours. I opened two help tickets and all that came of that was they sent me another message and told me to give them a call. But how? For they do not answer their phones. So in exasperation, I ordered two bumper brackets,that is all I know to do. If they do not work I am out $ 500.00 for nothing. This is the VERY WORST SERVICE I have ever received. They also have this this dirty trick that after you have been on hold for around 30 minutes, an operator comes on line and says they are experiencing unusually high call volume, then says that if you want to be placed on hold again and continue waiting to press #three....but when you do this it kicks you of their phone system back to the dial tone and you have to start all over again!! I don't know what kind of diabolical people are running that place, but I don't expect them to be in business long. I thought I had found me a real fine parts place,but BUYER BEWARE. After they get your money you're done that is it. I will be turning these rude thoughtless people over to the Attorney General. Maybe this will get their attention. There was not one word on the web site that I even needed bumper brackets, so I assumed the order would contain everything I needed. WRONG.
Gerald W. Bowers
gwbis@sbcglobal.net 3080870

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Sep 08, 2012 
I had the same experience, but they only took me for a few hundred,

the people are rude and seem to deliberately delay in there responses, basically they obviously have to intention of accepting returns. Speaking of which I order a lot of stuff on line and I've never experienced worse service in my life.

Best of luck but I think we'd be better off all going in on a class action than waiting for them to pull there heads out of there butts
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