I am a former employee of partsgeek.com READ CAREFULLY!

My name is Travis I worked for partsgeek.com for 2 months. They offer 2 days of training to sit with someone and throw you on a computer to make sales. Misleading the customers there computer are NOT SAFE! They SAVE credit card information in (firefox, chrome) we all know both browsers do, DO YOU FEEL SAFE? They are all about sales and don't bother trying to call before 12pm we were instructed NOT to take the phones until 12pm despite the fact management and employees are in the office by 8am Monday-Friday and 9am-3pm on Saturdays. They are a shady deceiving company the owners are "Buster" and "Cheryl". The managers names are Brian and also Kyle in the office. I will make sure it it know through every company and website that there site is FRAUD. If you receive a part that is damaged they will make you pay to ship it back that is the truth how unprofessional also TAKE IT FROM ME AS I WORKED THERE, If your package is lost FORGET ABOUT IT! They say they will file a claim and they have a 30 day wait period I had NUMEROUS "CLAIMS" for missing items or *** being shipping to the wrong states and address that has gone beyond 60 days! Do not be fooled! You are a *** if you give these people your money, You have been warned and I have seen all the insides and outs of the company whether they have realized it or not. We will not stand for this this, they do not stand to there policys, there catalog is misleading and A LOT of FALSE advertising, which is illegal, and "customer support agents" THERE IS NOT ANY CUSTOMER SUPPORT AGENTS EVERY AGENT IS A SALES AGENT! This company NEEDS to be STOPPED and they need to treat there customers as well as employees MUCH better. If you need ANY information on this company, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me at thebestever89@gmail.com I know the book, in and outs of there *** and can tell you anything they tell you if it is *** or not and also warn you about other events that could affect your finances. One example is if your package is lost you will have to wait "30 days" for a claim to be filed and done to receive your money back which in most cases it takes even longer and they WILL NOT under any circumstance credit you back for there warehouse or shippers error. I will not fall down to there unprofessional level and curse and scream at them however I will stand and fight informing the public and company that this is by far the WORST business to work for be affiliated with and purchase items from! They will tell you ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING to make a sale, if they don't meet a certain criteria of sales each day its the managers *** so what is priority you may ask? NOT the customer, NOT the employees, its the managers and owners they want there money the easy way do not spend you hard earned money giving it to unmoral people. TO partsgeek.com & owners, open your minds and observe the inconvenient truth of your company, realize you are making a hardship on family's with your *** policy's and procedures which half of them are not listed and holding peoples money and/or not returning it upon your poor business ethics. You CAN NOT CONTINUE TO TAKE FROM PEOPLES HAND AND HAND THEM *** IN RETURN. This is not a business the owners are professional *** artists, yes you may receive parts however they are in no quality nor handled with care by there people. Your parts are worthless to them during shipping and warehouse storage please customers of partsgeek.com please tell me when you have EVER ordered a part from them and not receive a box that looks like it has been to the core or the earth and back? My statement has been clarified these people need to be stopped and I will rebel, I will stand and not stop until something is done about there people. Take away a mans food for his children, a man will expose the ugliness behind the mask, the truth buried in the back of the yard. Let it be known I am not in any intentions writing this because I am angry at the fact I got discharged without having any write ups, exceeding sales requirements and always being at work 20 mins before anyone else, never late or missed a day, shaking my head, I am writing this because the entire time I worked there I felt like A PHONEY and felt bad for the customers I spoke with.

Thank you,

Travis. P

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Wow. After reading all these comments, I'm kicking myself in the *** for ordering parts from them.

I just ordered parts a couple days ago, and now I have to pray everything is ok. I'll drive to Marlton, NJ and present myself with issues, God forbid any pop up.


They shipped me the wrong part. Completely their fault.

Warehouse error. I sent pics via email within 2 minutes of receiving the package proving they sent the wrong part. They said I'd have to ship the part back to them at my expense, then they'd ship me the proper part. Total bs.

It cost $30 to ship the part and the part I ordered in the first place was only $25. F them. Obviously I didn't ship the part back.

Called visa and reported them as fraud. Never stop there!


Everything said there it's true,I tried on my back.I am a pissed customer who lost 200$


Thank you Travis P, and everyone else for the comments and warnings. Hopefully, some or all of you will follow through with complaints to agencies who will correct and/or punish and/or put them out of business!

If you don't bring it to their ( Agencies that have power and authority to DO SOMETHING ) attention, nothing will change and you will be helping this company to continue to rob people.Fraud and financial crimes are a form of theft/larceny that occur when a person or entity takes money or property, or uses them in an illicit manner, with the intent to gain a benefit from it. These crimes typically involve some form of deceit, subterfuge or the abuse of a position of trust, which distinguishes them from common theft or robbery.The following charges are appropriate -Mail FraudInterstate Mail FraudWire FraudThe following agencies investigate these charges -U. S. Postal Service (they have some very intense inspectors)http://about.usps.com/publications/pub300a/pub300a_tech_024.htmU.

S. Department Of Justicehttps://www.justice.gov/usam/usam-9-43000-mail-fraud-and-wire-fraudFederal Trade Commissionhttps://www.ftc.gov/news-events/media-resources/identity-theft-and-data-security/filing-complaintFBIhttps://www.fbi.gov/contact-usBBB ( Although not like the authorities listed above, many people ceck a business with the BBB website so it gets the word out)


ordered parts and received missing some of the items. i let them know right away and was asked, 2 days later, to send a photo of the parts i did get.

I sent a photo and didn't hear back until a week later. I was then told i would have to send back all the parts and reorder, on my dime.

looks like after all these years there business practices haven't changed. it will be a cold day in *** if i ever order anything from these scam artists again.


They should be reported to the federal trades commission which will accomplish far more than the bbb


Wish I new about this before I ordered. I ordered two tinted taillights I currently only recieved one and it was red not even tinted.

I called and the dumb *** just hung up. We'll see if the other even arrives.


Would have been nice to have foibd this post sooner i was in need of a fuel pump for my expedition and they were almost half of im hoping that they won't *** me over


Did you report them to the BBB as well??

Temecula, California, United States #1348433

These guys are total crooks. Sent me blower motor resistor and it didn't work I buy a salvaged one and my air works fine.

They tell me they won't take back the part because of my "trial and error" method of fixing my car. Tell them I bought another blower motor resistor and my air works so how is that trial and error. They tell me this is exactly what trial and error is. I explain how this is not trial and error and they tell me again it is.

I go off on how this should be a warranty issue and should take the part back and they send me a "thanks for your inquiry" so I had to go off on them. Complete idiots and crooks will never use these guys again no matter what.

They believe the customer is wrong always. Good luck ever getting an RMA from these guys if you have an issue with a part.

Endicott, New York, United States #1346439

Just ordered an exhaust system (cat back) and really hoping they don't fudge this up. Looked up some reviews and not exactly pleased with what I am seeing, however I will and did give them a shot.

Almost $100 cheaper than rock auto so I guess we shall see how it goes. If it goes south, I've already found a class action lawsuit to sign up with.

If it goes well, then they will have at least one good review going for them. I'm not holding my breath..

to Anonymous #1397603

Did you greet the parts you needed

San Diego, California, United States #1333292

Im taking them down

They are PIGS

Hicksville, New York, United States #1323356

I ordered a few items from them last year and they came correctly in brand new boxes. Was very satisfied at the time. Now I need more parts and not too sure I want to use them again after reading some of these posts.

Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1286528

I ordered a tail light and they shipped me a driver's side mirror. After not being able to contact them for quite some time, I finally got a hold of someone who emailed me a shipping label to ship back the part.

To this day I have never been refunded, nor have I received the correct part.

Everyone I've spoken with has been rude and not helpful in the least. These guys legitimately stole my money by shipping me something random, getting it back, and then refusing to ever own up to their mistake

Bluffton, South Carolina, United States #1269950

If you hadn't gotten fired you'd still be as deceitful as you claim this company to be. You weren't truly concerned about your customers. Cut your losses and find another job.


hope they don't mess my order up

La Place, Louisiana, United States #1242025

I will not take another chance and use them. I believe what Travis P.

has said here. Moving forward I will deal with more reputable and established online parts stores.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1213620

This has been the worst experience with any company I have ever had dealings with in my 58 yrs. on earth.

They are thieves are fraudgelent in there activities i.e. Interstate fraud, Postal fraud, and other forms of malfeasance!! Partsgeek is a bad company to do business with!

DO NOT DO IT!! You will be sorry!


There customer service sucks.

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