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Hi, I am back after my complicated issue with Parts geek was resolved thanks to Pissed consumer. I think we, the people, the regular customer when we have the correct way or method like BBB, and Pissed Customers to put pressure on these arrogant company and they feel the heat and the stress of losing business, specially on line which is much greater now than in stores business, they start to review and correct their stands.

For instance, I read some reviews about the stubbornness of Parts geek that they won't provide return labels when they send the wrong part and they force their customers to pay for their (Parts geek mistakes), this was a ridicules policy to implement in the first place, but lately (just last month) they sent me 2 wrong part and sent me 2 return labels to return them at no cost to me. This is good policy and this will make me to go back to them in the future knowing that if I received the wrong part, and the mistake is not mine, then I can return it. So good for you Parts geek for adopting new better policy. Also, they have a very stubborn policy about the return of the money of the returned items, the old policy was that money could take up to one month to see it back on your credit card, with that latest experience I bought 2 same parts which they were wrong parts and I returned the and I needed to buy the 3rd part to fix my car, and according to their policy I had to pay for the 3rd part too.

this was very aggravating to me, why??? do I save money with you guys? so I wrote to Pissed customers and the money of the 2 parts was sent back to me with in 10 days. A policy like that needs to be reviewed and changed to guarantee more on line business.

The last thing I do like to give Parts Geek a very good advice, that their technicians and customer service employees needs some updates specially on the parts of the imported cars. The issue with my Part was that the manufacturer (Audi) updated the original part of my 2006 car and Parts geek had the part from the beginning but when I went to the website and made my search it came up with 5 different parts from the same manufacturer, of course not all of them can fits the same car. So I called them and I gave them the car make, model, submodel, engine size, the VIN number and still get different parts doesn't look like my original part, and they did not know that the original part is now is obsolete.(see the attached photo).

This part is just 15 minutes to take it off and another 15 minutes to put it on the car. Thanks to their outdated knowledge it took me 3 weeks to find out from a NAPA expert that the part in the shape I am looking for is obsolete and that the new part will work just fine on my car, Parts Geek people, please you can do better than this to your customers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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