I've been trying to return my parts and get a return parts number for over a week still have not received any instructions so I can return my parts part you were being returned because they sent me the wrong items now it will cost me shipping twice I'm pissed

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Jackson, Tennessee, United States #831509

As they have screwed me over as well by selling me a part that didn't fit my car (it was listed for it on their site) Anyway I returned it at my expense and so far all they did was acknowledge they got it, no refund, no apology nothing.

MY SUGGESTION is to keep the part you got and then SELL IT YOURSELF On ebay. At least you will get part of your money back. If you send it back you will be screwed!

Eugene, Oregon, United States #831481

Good luck. It has taken me over a month to finally get a response with the shipping info (RMA#) they require - after MANY emails & calls (never got through by phone by the way.

It disconnects you after about 15 minutes EVERY TIME.

Then I find out it's going to cost me $90 to return axles that their compatability tool matched to my vehicle...+ a 15% ($25) restock fee. I plan to file and pursue a complaint with the New Jersey attorney general's office and with the Oregon (my resident state) office as well.

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