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You are absolutely right ...they are pure *** holes and dont deserve anyones bussiness. Thet all use a trick to bypass the consumer protectiin laws : Law 1- you can cancel ANY online order within 1 hr. Law 2: if the Item has not shipped yet it can be canceled. So how do they get away with it: they issue a shipping slip frop the shipper online as soon as the order comes in. That package request is automatic ; but it dose not mean they shipped...
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I ordered shoes, drums, hardware kit for a rear brake job for my 2002 dodge Durango.ive bought from these guys before and never had an issue. all parts came fast as usual. I go to start the job and find out the shoes (even though there site said they fit) did not sit inside level and would not fit. I ended up having to take the suv to a mechanic who refused to use my parts and had to buy there parts to uphold warranty. I contact geeks to return...
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I didn't like
  • Return policy regarding shipping
Immediately after placing an order I realized I did not want it any longer due to bad reviews and found a better option elsewhere.I tried to leave a message, since it was after hours, but got stuck on an endless loop message saying that they were not available--no option to leave a message. Fine. So, I called the minute they opened the next morning asking them to please cancel the order. The customer service representative proceeded to lie to me...
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Partsgeek Customer Care Review

Delivery exception is all i get. I am supposed to have gotten my order last night. Fed ex tracking says its damaged. Both fed ex and parts geek 1. Dont provide an email phone number or way to get hold of anyone 2. Horrible customer service, i am still waiting for info concerning my radiator. I have spent hundreds of dollars with this company and want a answer !!!
After doing some further investigation I found out that PartsGeek does not pay return shipping even is the Fault is theirs. I called customer service to let them know that this policy is costing them customers and that I would be purchasing from elsewhere. The response I got was an "oh well" attitude and a hurried attempt to get me off the phone. When I called back to complain about this customer service experience I asked for a supervisor. The...
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I called to return the part and spoke with "John" who told me on the phone numerous times that when he went into and put in my truck information a different part # showed up and that I would have to pay to have them shipped back since it was user error. I had already paid $50+ to have them 2 day shipped despite that fact that it still took a week and a half to arrive so I did not agree with this. I asked to speak with a supervisor....
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I didn't like
  • Bad customer service
  • Sent me the wrong part and i had to pay shipping
  • Slow shipping
Horrid customer service I ordered a part at the beginning of November and the part was incorrect.When I explained that to a "customer service" representative, he berated me and said I must be mistaken. Rather than address and solve the problem he chose to argue. Then after going through their ridiculous and drawn out return policy, I have yet to receive my refund!A month later...
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I read reviews.Im batting 50% but that not a good percentage as parts arent cheap. Im a business owner myself and hiring good help is always tough. Although the shippling company is terrible, PG is responsible as the transaction is wih PG not the shipper. You have no claim agsinst the shipper. I have callled a spoke with very knowlegeable customer orientated people and then some not so great. Unfortunately you cant teach customer service and you...
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I received a power steering hose assembly that had been damaged as they packaged it.I contacted them, they asked for pictures of the damage and replaced the part as soon as I sent them the pictures. I was worried after reading these negative reviews but they were very accommodating and took care of the damaged part quickly. I tried to submit this review and I instructed to enter at least 100 words so these words will make no sense as I am simply...
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received wrong part, spent 7 times more than the cost of the product plus the cost of the part to send it back.pointless part cost 9.95 to ship to me then cost me over 75.00 to ship this item back may have been a good deal for the part and shipping but you will pay the price if you are shipped a wrong part. never again will i waste my time with this company. not much else to say i would advise anyone to think twice about doing business with...
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I liked
  • Price
I didn't like
  • Returning a wrong part at my expense
Do not buy from them.Sent wrong part, I contacted via email. They asked for pictures, even after I showed them the pictures the refused to acknowledge they sent the wrong part. Wanted a restocking fee and me to pay shipping for the return. It was only a seven dollar part out of a 100 dollar purchase. Will not answer their 1-800 number. Do not buy from them. Sent wrong part, I contacted via email. They asked for pictures, even after I showed them...
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