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I am so pissed with them that I started calling around and I found some other companies that work with them and so I acted like I was an investigator for the BBB and I got a few contact numbers. So please enjoy harrassing them.

I hope people can use this info to solve all of there problems. Please let them know that they will not being using you anymore. I hope the company learnes from this.

Fax: 856-988-9403

sales: 856-988-1426

sales: 856-988-6423

I dont know what elso to say about this company except that they suck

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North Hollywood, California, United States #1224806

Neither of the numbers are in service as of now. Oct. 10, 2016.

Racine, Wisconsin, United States #1218770

Just a few links from others satisfied customers LOL COPY AND PASTE one at a time. Http://www.BBB.org/new-jersey/business-reviews/auto-parts-and-supplies-new/parts-geek-in-marlton-NJ-26001418/ HTTPS://partsgeek.pissedconsumer.com/ http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Parts-Geek-But-They-Have-Over-A-Dozen-Different-Names-As-Well/Manasquan-New-Jersey-08736/Parts-Geek-But-They-Have-Over-A-Dozen-Different-Names-As-Well-There-Free-Shipping-is-a-L-308275 http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/parts-geek-c209254.HTML HTTPS://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.partsgeek.com HTTPS://partsgeek.pissedconsumer.com/poor-customer-service-no-return-policy-20140821524347.HTML http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/parts-geek-c209254.HTML http://www.newpatriotsblog.com/news/parts-geek-not-a-good-choice-for-automobile-parts/ HTTPS://partsgeek.pissedconsumer.com/partsgeek-real-contact-number-20120220298676.HTML


I ordered a electrical switch "This ignition lock assembly includes a new immobilizer unit." this item did not include a new immobilizer as was advertised. I paid extra for faster shipping and have been putting up with there 24 to 48 hour replay window.

I have been now waiting for over a week for a return shipping label.

This company is bull ***. I advise caution when dealing with Parts Geek.

Stuart Connon

Carlsbad, California, United States #1124113

Hi, Geek LLC e-mailed me a t-ing Nr. I have called FedEx and the trucking number does not appear in their record, now I am waiting for the FedEx to show p maybe just maybe I'll get it, but still need to know why the number provided by the Geek LLC doesn't appears in FedEx record.


The company is sorry would never use them again


Just so you know ... neither of the "sales" phone numbers are currently "in service". And I totally agree with your review!


I'm trying to send back a core and the link for the return ticket doesn't work. It has to be returned within 30 days and time is running out. I'm getting pissed.


Thanks for providing the phone numbers.

As far as this company goes, I am in total agreement with you, the suck big time.

Never again.


Contact credit card company and report theift. And get them to refund you money. They will charge parts geek back it work!

Chester, Connecticut, United States #1041869

You got that right!


Warning this is an auto parts Internet scam, Warning....


Held on for over 30 minutes to ask a question, but they never answered. Sent wrong part and was going to ask about the replacement, but since they never answered, I ordered it from another source.

I will just return the original order, since I was given a RGA, and now they are out of a replacement sale. No more Parts Geek for me.


It's time to get the States Attorney involved. Anyone else suffering the ill effects of business dealings with Parts Geek should call NJ Consumer affairs and get the complaint form and fill it out and return it to Consumer Affairs.

At this point it's a matter of principal. The business does not deserve to be in business if, they wont take the time to answer their "Customer Service" phone and deal with customers.


parts geek is a SCAM SCAM SCAM.dont buy from them.


My order hasn't come in and I've waited 2 weeks... I called customer service and waited over an hour and the automated system hung up my call..beyond upset..I submitted a ticket now to wait a see if they even answer..

Norton, Massachusetts, United States #998139

Started out good the first few times I ordered I was giving them good reviews...last couple of orders have been wrong and they don't answer the phone to help you out..I now have to WAIT 24 to 48 hours...to return a part and get a new one??? Are they trying to screw themselves because people are not going to be happy and move on to a new parts company with better customer service...maybe they only have a SHORT TERM GOAL for their company??


Terrible service

Monroe, Connecticut, United States #929123

You people are all idiots, they market the same items you get from advanced and autozone. You should probably read their policies before you place your orders though, as will every company you deal with. My order came just fine!

to Karl #1000668

Read the policy, they sent wring part. Returned over a month ago according to their policy and still have not been refunded. Good luck talking to a human.

to Karl Lewes, Delaware, United States #1226180

AutoZone and advanced did not carry the part I needed for my specific car! So I had to order from partsgeek.com to get the actual part I needed, as the part I needed was more advanced and connected to something major in my car and they did not have that (advanced or AutoZone)..

If they were to order it ... It would have been almost double the price partsgeek.com charged... But unfortunately they sent the wrong size part first, so I sent it back and then they sent me an exhaust system...which has nothing to so with the part I need! They are a scam, they are nothing but trouble and its a hassle to even speak with somebody to correct THEIR mistake.

I'm sorry.. But you do not know everything and just BC nothing bad happened to you..the first time your ordered a part, does not mean they wont mess up the second time. Read the reviews mr. Know It all..

You might realize then that this company is a.scam. Educate yourself a little more in depth before you start throwing out un-called for names (idiots) at people.

You my friend are and unintelligent, bully! Grow up!

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