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I order a ac compressor 142.00 did not get any confirmation till I called the next day, they sent confirmation with part # looked up part # it was wrong part called them to correct and credit my 142.00 and to send the right part they told me go pound sand. This was...
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Anonymous Yes PARTS GEEK did refund my money thanks

I didn't like
  • Order cancellation
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its about time to start sueing this fraudulent company !! they send wrong parts over and over and over. the picture on the site is correct and the parts they send are not..fraud fraud fraud then they don't have a viable return service and want you to pay for the...
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I didn't like
  • Unethical business practices
  • Cancellation policy
  • Shipping policy
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The Shipping label said shipped two springs I received one and I needed my is impossible to get ahold of this so called company. the phone number they give you will put you on hold and tell you for quicker response send an email or hold the line for assistance...
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My car got stolen. Not Partsgeek's fault, but it happens. Had Partsgeek shipped in a timely manner, I wouldn't have been in town, therefore I wouldn't have been robbed, but they took a week to ship, I was forced to get a hotel room, and the night before part arrival...
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benefiel Same thing just happened to me. Returned unopened part. Never got a refund. Ticket they tell you to fill out. Wont go through. No one ever answers the phone. You cant email th...

Can not get them to send me paper work to send the wrong part back.Have filled out paper work have call five times can not get through this is *** will not order from them again.Does anyone really work there this is just *** ***.So will some one call me back i really...
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Dhamijap They ripped me off to. File a complaint with BBB of New Jersey. I did and good luck

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