I purchased a clutch for my 1994 Ford Escort 5 speed transmission from Parts Geek. I used

there online vehicle match tool and what was supposedly an exact match came up. I purchased

the clutch only to find out later I need the transmission also. It took my several months to

find a 5 speed transmission for my car. When I got the transmission I took it to my mechanic

along with the clutch I purchased from Parts Geek. The mechanic informed me that it was the

wrong clutch for my car. He had removed the old one and showed me that they were completely

different. I contacted Parts Geek about my situation. They only have e-mail as way of

communication. They do not have a customer service department for you to talk to actual

person. They do this so that they can ignore customer complaints and refer them to their

"return policy". This is not the way business is done when you have competitors that pride

themselves on excellent customer service. I would not recommend this company to nobody.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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