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I ordered the part for a 205 Mustang I found out that there's different ones between a 205 and 2 out of 10 they you sent me one for a later model my 205 supposed to have where are Porsche's in and clips the 210 slides in to the groove of the mechanism I would like to have the 210 out of the 205 it's either it's on a metal frame call me at 814-8867 and we can talk about I don't know what happened but there's two different types the later years is what I got it slides and it's supposed to slide into a Groove the one for my car has two places that Porsche into the groove and pushes into the metal and holds that way there's no way I'm making it my mechanism in my car appreciate a call back as soon as possible I would like to get my car fixed thank you it's 814-880-1267

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