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I order strut assemblies for my car, two of them, one for the front drivers side and one for the front passenger car. I contacted them as soon as I realized they were both for the drivers side of the car. Which was only a few days after delivery was received. I emailed first and received only the automated response. So after the third day I began to call and call and call, eventually I got a hold of someone. They told me they must have made a mistake in the warehouse and that they would call me back within the hour. They did not, in fact they never called me back, and it took me three days of trying for hours at a time to actually get a hold of another person. During the same time I was sending emails trying to get a response that way as well.

Eventually they told me they put a tracer on it through UPS, but not a single one of them could explain why they needed to trace the package. This was the end of Oct 2013, they said tracers can take up to 30 days. I continued to call and email trying to figure out why they put the tracer on it, one guy told me it was standard procedure for the situation. A month and a half later they finally get back to me and say the tracer came back and they would contact me to let me know the results. Another two weeks of my pestering them with emails and they say the claim has been denied and that there is nothing I can do about it. I ask why it was denied and still have no idea why because they are ignoring my emails now like spoiled little brats.

They have NO customer service skills at all, they obviously get confused very easily, so try not to use words that are longer than one or two syllables. I found contact info for the CEO Brian Tinari; (215) 766-3077, (215) 794-2561, (215) 794-2535, (609) 397-1993. They are all for Brian R Tinari, 43 years old. I think the most recent is the first number I've listed(I'm calling tomorrow just found the number). The first three numbers are all PA numbers and the last is NJ. If the numbers are disconnected I'll be posting the Addresses for fan mail.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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to fraud #771032

Brian Tinari the CEO of parts geek lives in the Doylestown/Buckingham are with his wife and son. They are able to live in a half a million dollar home and buy new boats due to screwing customers over like me on a daily basis.

More people need to speak out. You post my email address and that's fine.

Tell Brian I said I hope Zeman's recovery from the surgery went well. We'll be chatting again soon.

to Notgnirrah #771035

Doylestown/Buckingham, PA*





those are the tracking numbers for this guys order.

They were confirmed by UPS as delivered.

to fraud #771028

Oh please, explain how it is fraud? Yeah, my package was delivered with the wrong part there bone head.

Try reading the review, and maybe actually paying attention to what the complaint is. Why do you post anonymous? You are obviously part of the company, perhaps you are Brian Tinari?

You have access to my info, tracking numbers and email address. Your *** company will go out of it's way to post on here but not respond to my emails?

to Notgnirrah #771043

And the amount of times I had tried to explain my situation to this company over the phone and by email shows how little they actually pay attention. If they thought I didn't receive the package at all that's on them.

I told the 3 different people over the phone what the situation was when it first started. Then partsgeek initiated a UPS, not me, and when I asked why they stated it was standard procedure. And gave me no other explaination.

Since I've never had to deal with this BS, and you wouldn't give any other explaination, how would I know your company didn't have a good grasp of what I tried explaining on numerous occasions. Partsgeek makes a mistake and tries to twist it around onto the consumer, congratulations on being a *** company.

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