I ended up going w/parts geek for my rotors on a 2000 subaru impreza cus they were a little cheaper than eBay. This model car has rotors in the front and drums in the back.

I ordered front Rogers and got rears! Then I read there return policy and was furious. How am I liable for not only shipping but a 15% stock fee!!!! The parts were like 17$ each and being familiar w shipping things, I'm positive I'll end up about half of what I paid.

That's messed up! Why have a comparability tool if it's not precise? And more so, how is it my mistake? There 30 day return policy is a joke and they should mention at check out, the customer is liable for there screw up!!!

I've never heard of that kinda policy so I didn't bother to check before submitting my payment. They are robbing people and should be shut down! They don't accept emails and have no contact info on there home page for a reason, it's A SCAM! Don't purchase form here, chances are you will get the wrong part and pay for it.

That's how they profit. Very dishonest and bad business "so called professionals" w low cost parts. People shouldn't have to read return policy unless they order the wrong part themselves and I'd expect most places are the same and usually pay for shipping w/no questions buT a re stocking fee is outrageous if using there compadiblity tool. I use that tool everywhere else and never got the wrong parts and the 2000 impreza model only has front rotors and drums in the rear so how des a parts professional get that confused?

They're human also but customers should not pay for there mistakes and I've been buying parts online for many years now and never ran into a problem like this when it's fully on the seller. I'm disappointed and will never settle for a few dollars less after this experience. I'll be reading that 5 star return policy and even call the place to be sure I'm getting the right parts to avoid all this hassle and loss of time w/out the parts I need thanks to parts geek.

Fast shipping is great if you get what you ordered!!!! Annoyed first and LSAT time customer!

Monetary Loss: $34.

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